River Valley Kids Christmas

We can’t wait for our Christmas service on December 23rd! This year our kids will be performing two songs during the service. The first of these songs will be Born Is The King by Hillsong. Below is a video with the hand motions for this song so that your kids can learn them at home! The second song will be determined soon and it will be song that the kids, worship team and congregation will all be singing together.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, let’s make sure to have our kids practice the song as much as possible. We will also be practicing the songs during the services on the weekend so they can really learn it well.

what should my kids wear for the performance?

Have your kids dressed up in their Christmas best!

will there be a practice?

Yes! In addition to practicing on the weekends as well as at home, we will have one practice on Saturday, December 22nd at 9am at the church. This will be where we will practice getting on and off the stage and get the kids comfortable with singing on stage.

Hand Motions Video


Born Is The King Music Video

(This video will play on the screen behind the kids as they sing.)