Here are listed some additional external evidences to the validity of the Bible that we didn’t have time to cover on Sunday. Enjoy!


A shepherd boy threw a rock into a cave next to the Dead Sea and heard a crash. The crash was the result of some pottery jars that broke when hit by the rock. Upon finding some old parchments, he informed a Jewish scholar who then uncovered 11 caves of scrolls in pottery jars. These scrolls were written at 100 B.C., 100 before Jesus. Up until that point the oldest copy of the OT dated back to 900 A.D. and with this discovery we now had documents that were 1000 years older than that. They included every book of the OT except for one. When they compared the Dead Sea scrolls wording to that of the document that were 1000 years younger, the wording was almost identical. In 1000 years very few mistakes were made.


In 2018 a chamber was discovered in Jerusalem near the ancient wall where many little clay seals were found that were used to authenticate documents. One of the seals they discovered was that of Isaiah. This is the Isaiah of the Bible and we know this because the seal stated that it was Isaiah, the record keeper who keeps the record of the king. This is the same title that Isaiah gives himself in the Bible.


Up until 1974, critics had accused the Bible of making up the Hittite race of people. They were mentioned nowhere outside of the Bible - no history of them had ever been found. However, in Syria in 1974 an ancient city was uncovered. In this city there was a palace and in the palace a library. This library held tons of clay tablets which were all royal, government documents of one Hittite society. There were 10,000 of them in all proving the validity of the race of people mentioned in the Bible.