There are some incredible tools that exist today in helping you dig deeper into the Bible. We’ve compiled some of these tools for you here.

Blue Letter Bible App

The guys at Blue Letter Bible have put together some great, free tools on their website and also on their app for digging deeper into the Bible. Not only do they provide multiple translations of the Bible but they also provide access to online dictionaries to dig into the origin of different words, and commentaries to give you background information on every passage of the Bible.

Logos 8 Basic

Logos is one of the premiere research tools for pastors, teachers, scholars and students. It contains access to hundreds of translations and thousands of books to give you background to anything in the Bible. For a long time Logos was very expensive and an investment, and while it still is expensive to purchase the entire library, Logos has released a free package with the release of Logos 8. You can access it online, on desktop and also on their app.

YouVersion Reading Plans

The YouVersion Bible app has thousands of reading plans about any topic. Here are a few to get you started.

The Bible Project | Gospels

The Bible Project | The Bible

Bible In a Year